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From Michael André Pearce <>
Subject Re: when does ActiveMQ 6.x releases?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2017 08:01:50 GMT
Currently there is no time line for Apache ActiveMQ Artemis to turn into 6.x afaik. Nor still
any confirmation it will be renamed to that. It may just live in as it has been for the last
few years.

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, It is used in production environments already (we are adopting it
in my org), and also is already on its second major version as such is mature as anything

Re client support, it has OpenWire (activemq5.x protocol) support so you should be able to
switch over relatively easily, without changing your client code, if you're using standard

Artemis also supports AMQP, MQTT and many more standard wire protocols.

Re the Kafka vs JMS (ActiveMQ or any other) broker tbh, it's like nosql vs sql both have their
place and should be used complementary to each other not as replacement. In my org we run
them side by side complimenting each other and bridging message flows between the two so we
can benefit from both worlds and all the features we need for different scenarios.

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> On 24 Jul 2017, at 08:24, wangqinghuan <> wrote:
>  I have a project integrated  with ActiveMQ5.9 client that interacts with
> ActiveMQ5.9 broker. As the increasement of data flow(over one thousand per
> second),  ActiveMQ5.9 broker is not confident as previous(there are some
> "inactive channel" and "connection reset" exception in activemq.log). 
>  In order to improve performace , I intend to build a activeMQ cluster to
> distribute data to multiple ActiveMQ broker,  but there is no such
> distributed solution for ActiveMQ5.x (failover doesn't satisfy our
> scenarios, it behaves more like a hot-standby rather than a load-banlance).
> Although somone suggests to replace AcitveMQ with KafKa  that is more fast
> and support load balance,  I didn't want to do  because of the enormous
> workload of changing from activeMQ to kafka.
>  Recently, I understand a sub project called Artemis , can provide
> outstanding performance and is possible to become ActiveMQ 6.x. It seems
> like that ActiveMQ6.x is a perfect answer for us. What's the approximately
> time point ActiveMQ6.x release? If it releases, can I replace ActiveMQ5.X
> broker with ActiveMQ6.X  broker directly without upgrading ActiveMQ client
> that embedded in project (keep ActiveMQ5.9 client unchanged)?
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