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From "niwa.sama" <>
Subject When are messageConsumed, messagePull and messageDelivered methods of BrokerFilter executed?
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2017 22:36:53 GMT
I am developing a plugin to control the number of messages that AMQ can
handle in a fix time, but, i don't know when the mentioned methods are
executed. I run many tests, but in none i can see that the methods are
executed. Can any one please explain to me if i need some special
configuration in AMQ in order to used that methods in my plugin?

I am using xbean to generate a custom XML for my plugin.

This is the configuration in my AMQ:

<broker xmlns=""
brokerName="instance-1" dataDirectory="${}"
            <policyEntry topic="&gt;">
                    <constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy limit="1000"/>
            <policyEntry memoryLimit="100mb" producerFlowControl="false"
queue="&gt;" prioritizedMessages="true" useCache="false">
                    <individualDeadLetterStrategy queuePrefix="DLQ." />

        <transactionsPlugin xmlns="">
                <transactionsPolicy queue="jms.test.queue"

        <managementContext createConnector="false"/>

        <kahaDB directory="${}/kahadb"/>

                <memoryUsage percentOfJvmHeap="70"/>
                <storeUsage limit="100 gb"/>
                <tempUsage limit="50 gb"/>

        <networkConnector name="instance-2"
uri="static:(tcp://" conduitSubscriptions="true"
userName="admin" password="admin"/>

        <transportConnector name="openwire"
updateClusterClients="true" rebalanceClusterClients="true"

        <bean xmlns=""

I have tow Brokers configured in the same machine. Of course, only the
brokerName and networkConnector it's different.

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