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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: LifecycleProcessor exception
Date Wed, 10 May 2017 05:40:23 GMT
1) Those JARs should all be compatible with one another, since they're all
packaged as part of the ActiveMQ installation bundle. I was trying to see
if maybe you'd added your own Spring JARs to the classpath in addition to
the ones from ActiveMQ's lib directory, but that's clearly not the case,
and I'm sorry I missed the line in your second post where you said it was a
clean install.

2) I meant "clean install" not in the Maven (or Gradle) sense but just in
the sense of "did you add additional JARs by hand (not clean) or did you
just unpack the zip file and edit the config files (clean)?" I was assuming
you followed
when doing your installation, though the other approaches are fine too.

I'd like to try to reproduce this, but my VM needs rebuilding before I can
do that, so it may take till the weekend to give this a try.

In the meantime, did anything actually fail when you did the restart?
Restarting the broker should definitely work without this error, but did it
have any negative effect other than the scary-sounding message showing up
in the logs? I'm just trying to make sure I understand the real-world
impact of the problem.


On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 1:04 AM, Hidekazu <> wrote:

> Thanks Tim!
> (1)
> I made sure if my activemq loaded Spring-related JARs by booting activemq
> with -verbose:class option.
> There seem to be several Spring-related JARs as follows.
> /opt/apache-activemq/lib/activemq-spring-5.14.3.jar
> /opt/apache-activemq/lib/optional/spring-beans-4.1.9.RELEASE.jar
> /opt/apache-activemq/lib/optional/spring-context-4.1.9.RELEASE.jar
> /opt/apache-activemq/lib/optional/spring-core-4.1.9.RELEASE.jar
> /opt/apache-activemq/lib/optional/xbean-4.2.jar
> * /opt/apache-activemq/ is an install directory for activemq.
> Do those files have the possibility to cause the activemq restart problem?
> (2)
> Let me make sure the meaning of "clean install".
> ed-UnixSourceInstallation
> According to the URL above, "clean install" looks like executing mvn clean
> install command.
> (ex)
> mvn clean install # add "-Dmaven.test.skip=true" if tests are failing on
> your system (should not happen)
> However, I just put activemq package in /opt/apache-activemq directory.
> I said to you that I did clean install before.
> I'm sorry if I misunderstood the meaning of clean install.
> Thanks
> Kawai
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