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From adnan <>
Subject RE: How do I Set Up Multiple ActiveMQ Services on one Windows Machine
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 13:17:42 GMT
I am not referring to Apache (the web server). This is with reference with
JMS broker APACHEMQ. We are fine with upgrading it, but looks like after the
upgrade i will end up making lot more changes than what i can live with in

Let me make myself clear here, i am looking for ways by which i can have
multiple apachemq services running on my Linux machine, not from the same
installation files but instead from different set of installation software
i.e. Not instances but rather different setup all together. Is this doable?

As a starting point when i upgrade to 5.8.0 its asking me to setup
.activemqrc configuration file and when i look into it its has references to
61616 port. If i need multiple services running on the sever and i pass
./activemq start or ./activemq stop wouldn't it start and stop only that
specific service running at 61616 (only one service)?

So to make my life easy for now i plan to implement this on 4.1.2 and if it
works then surely work towards upgrading it.

Is it possible to have for example /opt/Service1/bin/./activemq start 
/opt/Service2/bin/.activemq start
running under the same owner at different ports? Rather than what most of
the posts are referring to by creating multiple instances using the same set
of files like Instance1 and Instance2 as shown below?

/opt/Apachemq/bin/Instance1/.activemq  start 
/opt/Apachemq/bin/Instance2/.activemq start

I hope i am doing a good job in explaining my isuse here......

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