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From Lachezar Dobrev <>
Subject ActiveMQ or Artemis in a Docker Swarm?
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2017 13:21:58 GMT
  Hello all.
  I'm just beginning with Docker Swarm and am wondering the following:
  I have an application (.war for Tomcat, based on Springframework)
that has an embedded Artemis to allow communication between Web Socket
handlers. The application is like a multi-user chat, and uses a Topic
to send messages between the Web Socket instances. When distributed
every instance of the application knows every other instance and they
create a network of brokers that allows messages from one Web Socket
on one node to successfully reach a different Web Socket on a
different node. There is no broker discovery (network limitation: no

  How can I achieve the same in a Docker Swarm? Ideally pulling a new
instance of the application/container would somehow enter the Broker
Network and start exchanging messages with them.

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