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From anoppe <>
Subject Network of brokers and forwarding performance
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2017 08:04:46 GMT
Hi everybody,

I've setup 2 brokers with different responsibilities:
mq1 is an instance the webapplications consumes messages from and is
receiving messages also
mq2 is an instance that received messages only.

mq2 has some composite topics configured:
              <compositeTopic name="company.*.topic" forwardOnly="false">
                  <topic physicalName="" />
              <compositeTopic name="" forwardOnly="false">
                  <topic physicalName="" />
              <compositeTopic name="alert.triggers.forwarder.topic"
                  <topic physicalName="alert.triggers.topic" />

- All topics that match the name 'company.*.topic' are duplicated to
- The topic '' is duplicated to ''
- The topic 'alert.triggers.forwarder.topic' is duplicated to

mq1 and mq2 are in a network of brokers, where mq2 is forwarding the
messages in '' and 'alert.triggers.topic' to mq1, so the
consumers on that instance receive those messages also. To prevent
duplication, I've excluded '' form the network-of-brokers:
    <networkConnector name="eventStreamAndAlertTriggersForwarder"
uri="static:(tcp://ip-of-mq1:61616)" duplex="false">
		<topic physicalName="" />
             <topic physicalName=""/>
             <topic physicalName="alert.triggers.topic"/>

On a functional level this works just fine. But, we tried to loadtest our
infrastructure and ran into unexpected behaviour: When we send messages at a
rate of ~200m/s to 'company.*.topic'@mq2, consuming from mq2 becomes very
slow: When we stop sending new messages, we are able to consume at a rate of
~30m/s. If we start sending messages again, the rate of consuming drops to
~5m/s and a queue builds up.
The consumer we measured runs on the same machine.
When we send and consume messages on mq1, we get the expected rate of about

Does anyone has an idea how we can improve performance? Did I misconfigure

Auke Noppe

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