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From chiippy <>
Subject JMSDestination value different between 5.12.1 and 5.13.0
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2017 14:32:48 GMT

Per the activeMQ message Properties definition :  JMSDestination
However, since 5.13.0, the JMSDestination has been changed to be set by the
Consumer instead of the Producer ?

When using camel activemq,  I have

Producer : to("activemq:topic:VirtualTopic.A.B.channel1.payment")

Consumer : from("activemq:queue:Consumer.myid.VirtualTopic.A.B.*.payment")

n 5.12.1, Logging the JMSDestination property, the value is
"topic://VirtualTopic.A.B.channel1.payment". This does match the definition

However, when upgrades to 5.13.0, the logging value becomes
"queue://Consumer.myid.VirtualTopic.A.B.*.payment" which is the consumer
subscribed queue name, but not the producer topic ?

I raised the question in Camel forum,  Camel Query

, I have been told to raise here.

Anyone able to help as how can I get the Producer queue name from Consumer
side ?  In my application, I am using JSMReplyTo for Consumer responses, and
I am using the JMSDestination to set it at the Consumer end.  As now this
value has been changed, I am lost as how to find out the original queue name
which the producer used.



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