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From fenbers <>
Subject Re: Redelivery of messages previously consumed.
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2017 18:24:54 GMT
OK.  The client app has a durable consumer C has connected to Topic T, and
while it is active, messages X, Y, and Z are eventually delivered by the
broker and consumed by C.  Then, C disconnects and then reconnects
(sometimes immediately).  When C reconnects, sometimes messages X, Y, and Z
are redelivered (and consumed) and sometimes the messages X, Y, and Z
seemingly are *not* redelivered even though other messages U, V, and W are
delivered and consumed properly.

In addition, the same client app has a second durable consumer B connected
to Topic S.

The mystery is why X, Y, and Z are not always redelivered upon C's
reconnection to T, while all messages to Topic S *are* redelivered upon
reconnection of consumer B.  (To clarify, *no* messages at all are
redelivered to C.)  Even stranger, on occasion X, Y, and Z (to clarify,
*all* messages) *do* sometimes get redelivered after a handful of
disconnects/reconnects, but not always.  There are always some offline
subscriptions D and E, and so the messages X, Y, and Z should still be in
the broker until the message expires.  In my case, X, Y, and Z are not yet
close to expiring when this occurs.

There is an overwhelming amount of information in the log files, even
without the highest levels of logging.  Is there something specific in the
log that can tell me anything about the fates of messages X, Y, and Z?  Are
they still in the broker?  If so, why aren't they redelivered on a
reconnect?  If not, what happened to them?  Or maybe the log will say
something about the consumer C rejecting redelivery for some reason?  

To be honest, I am overwhelmed by the logging (most of which I don't
understand) for that to be too helpful in my investigation unless I know
specifically what to search for.

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