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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: ARTEMIS: bad-performance behaviour after 7-10 days of usage
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2017 20:17:56 GMT
The bug wouldn't be on the persistence layer itself. The MQTT protocol
manager is managing retainers by removing (acking) older messages. And
something is broken. I'm not sure if it's a general case or something
specifically to your use case. I was wondering if you could replicate
the issue on a simple testsuite...

Martyn has done a lot of work around the MQTT protocol manager. I know
him personally and he's not around today, so I'm wondering if he will
be able to pick up this issue tomorrow.

but if you had a test replicating the issue it would help anyone to
jump on the issue quicker.

On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 6:27 AM, francesco81
<> wrote:
> Hi Clebert,
> good to know it.
> But, just to be clear, I have the same problem also with persistence enabled
> (indeed, it's even worse).
> Regardless of the persistence, the behavior is the same: after a certain
> window of usage, ram fills and the broker starts to work constantly in
> paging mode (cpu --> 100%), becoming almost unusable.
> - If persistence is disabled, I can restart the broker and it comes back to
> work fast (ram is free) ..but the problem, of course, is only postponed for
> another window of usage (currently about 10 days, for my use case).
> - If persistence is enabled, I can restart the broker, but it starts to
> retrieve all stored messages from disk, ram fills quickly again, it returns
> to work in paging mode and cpu goes to 100%. Therefore I'm pratically
> obliged to disable persistence.
> Could it be something related to a misconfiguration of my broker instance? I
> notice also that all messages witha QoS > 0 (regardless whether retained or
> not) have the property durable=true: does this mean that all those messages
> will persist in memory forever? There is no one else who is facing the same
> issue by using Artemis as mqtt broker?
> Following is my "address-settings" configuration section within broker.xml
> file. It's the only one that I changed in the standard configuration (apart
> the acceptor for mqtt of course). Hope can help:
> *      <address-settings>
>          <address-setting match="#">
>             <dead-letter-address>jms.queue.DLQ</dead-letter-address>
>             <expiry-address>jms.queue.ExpiryQueue</expiry-address>
>             <redelivery-delay>0</redelivery-delay>
>             <max-size-bytes>-1</max-size-bytes>
> <message-counter-history-day-limit>10</message-counter-history-day-limit>
>             <address-full-policy>PAGE</address-full-policy>
>             <last-value-queue>true</last-value-queue>
>          </address-setting>
>       </address-settings>*
> Francesco
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Clebert Suconic

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