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From Steve <>
Subject seeking advice on efficient use of resources
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2017 16:17:03 GMT

I am relatively new to ActiveMQ but have read a fair amount about it now.  I
still have questions however regarding how to efficiently use various

1 - If one's application expects relatively light communication between it
and the message broker, is it fine to use a single Connection for the entire
application?  At what point does communication load become heavy enough for
multiple Connections to be warranted?  Is there a rule of thumb on this or
is it entirely a trial-and-error situation?

2 - Is it recommended to create a different Session object for each
different MessageProducer and for each different MessageConsumer that the
application uses?  If not, what is the recommended pattern here?

3 - Is there a Thread that gets created each time a Session is created?  If
so, what is it used for exactly?

4 - How does one create a PooledSession?  I assume that the advantage of
using a PooledSession is that it avoids sending a notice to the broker when
each time new Session is created, and avoids creating a new Thread over an
over.  Is this correct?  

5 - How does one create a PooledProducer?  I assume that the advantage of
using a PooledProducer is that it avoids sending a notice to the broker each
time a new MessageProducer is created.  Is this correct?

Thanks in advance,

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