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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: A configured queuePrefetch of one in ActiveMQ 5.14.1 with AMQP 1.0 behaves like a queuePrefetch of two.
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 17:21:58 GMT
Sounds like it is working as intended if I understand the usage you are 
saying is happening.  The client will refill the link credit in this 
case every time a message is either read via (receive, receiver(timed) 
or receiveNoWait) or when a message is handed off to an async consumer.  
This happens because you've asked for a *prefetch* of one so the client 
is instructing the broker to do just that.  If you want only one message 
to be dispatched to the client at a time then you want prefetch of zero 
and then use the receive methods to pull a message from the broker on 

On 12/03/2016 05:12 PM, Patrick Vansevenant wrote:
> I'm talking about queues with a low message volume and high processing time.
> In such a setup is it important that messages are not "heaping up" in the
> dispatch queue.
> The queueprefetch must be one in order to keep it workable.
> I have done some tests with an ActiveMQ 5.14.1 broker and an AMQP consumer
> with a
> brokerURL configured with a queuePrefetch of one
> (jms.prefetchPolicy.queuePrefetch=1).
> I have the impression that the queuePrefetch becomes two during the period
> that a message
> is received and the time the acknowledgement is sent (clientacknowlegde
> mode).
> The consumer details in the ActiveMQ Web Console tells me that the
> "Dispatched Queue"
> contains two messages what should maximum be one with a defined
> queuePrefetch of one.
> Is it possible that the queuePrefetch doesn't work reliable in ActiveMQ
> 5.14.1 with an AMQP client ?
> Patrick

Tim Bish
twitter: @tabish121

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