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From alexarl <>
Subject High availability - multiple publishers scenario
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2016 09:05:38 GMT
I am new in ActiveMQ, and try to get the following scenario working:
I have external system, lets call it SysA. I have my own systems, lets call
it SysB, SysC and so on. SysA is already fault tolerant, active/active etc,
and is capable to communicate with multiple peers. My systems (SysB, SysC,
SysN) are mutually independent and all have to communicate with SysA. I want
to put SysA interfacing logic in separate module, let's call it SysA
adapter. It will be stateless "gateway" module. It also has to be fault
I have experience with buses where multiple instances of the program can
publish the same data, and subscribers will automatically get only one copy
of the message (according to priorities between publishers or some other
logic), allowing active/active publishers setup without any coding, just by
So, if I were using such bus, I'd put two instances of SysA adapter on
different physical hosts, they would communicate with SysA simultaneously,
and publish incoming data on the bus. SysB, SysC etc would get each message
only once.
Is it possible to get the same net effect on ActiveMQ, even if with some
coding ? I don't want to invent, test and certify "home brew" high
availability solution from scratch.
Obviously ActiveMQ itself has to be deployed using one of the high
availability modes, this question is about how I protect myself against
failure of the SysA gateway, not the failure of ActiveMQ engine.

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