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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: Artemis feature TODO list
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2016 01:59:30 GMT
> Matt's Artemis Feature TODO:
> 1. Browse needs a page limit (ActiveMQ)
What is this?

> 2. Sparse file support for disk journal (ActiveMQ)
the journal is for what's fit on the memory.

> 3. Separate lock location from storage location for master-slave mode
> (ActiveMQ)
why that? the master-slave on a shared disk needs a lock on the shared
disk. I think we already have that on ARtemis.

> 4. Option to have on-disk index for super large message counts w/ low JDK
> memory (ActiveMQ)

We have that Large Messages support on the core protocol, and we have
Paging mode.

> 5. File-based lease locker for slaves on Windows CIFS shares and other
> non-cluster locking filesystems (IBM MQ)
I think we have that.

> 6. Separate Inhibit Put and Inhibit Get on a queue vs “pause & resume”
> allows for draining of queues by applications during maintenance windows
> (IBM MQ)

+1, can you open a JIRA. it makes sense.

> 7. Cluster connectors should support static include / dynamic include /
> exclude destination name filter (ActiveMQ)

> 8. Composite Queue and Topic support (ActiveMQ)
> 9. Virtual Topic support (IBM MQ, ActiveMQ)
>     a. Shared subscriptions
>     b. Separate destinations for pub vs sub (allows for splitting traffic
> across networks)

We have been talking about this today.. lets keep that discussion.

> 10. Explicit Transmission queues for broker-to-broker communication so
> admins have visibility into what messages are earmarked to move.
>     a. Should support multi-threaded transmission (i.e. multiple cluster
> connections)  (IBM MQ, TIbco EMS, SonicMQ, others)
>     b. ActiveMQ is starting to address this with broker-subscriptions for
> Network Connectors on Topics.
>     c. This is also needed for broker-to-broker sharing of pub-sub to avoid
> pub-sub loops

I would need more info. Maybe someone else get it?

> 11. Separate consumerTTL and messageTTL for cluster connections (ActiveMQ)
Not sure we need it?

> 12. Destination Policy API (aka Queue Attributes in Artemis) for extending
> destination policy plugins
There's address / queue settings in Artemis. You can configure that
through management or embedded.

> 13. Automatic DLQ naming convention policies (prefix and/or suffix based)
Open a JIRA.

> 14. Missing support for many messaging scheduler features

> 15. Queue attributes to limit max message count and total bytes (IBM MQ,
> Tibco EMS)
We have that already with total bytes.

> 16. Internally defined message headers should have aliases to align to the
> JMS provider standard (“JMS_AMQ_*” vs “_AMQ_”)  IBM MQ, Tibco, Sonic, others

> 17. Client-side url lookup using http endpoint (or other)
you can have the JNDI just like AMQ5

> 18. Inactive Destination Garbage Collection
> 19. Plugins: Message Timestamping, Message Expiry, Broker Path plugin
> 20. JMSXUserId property auto assigned using connected userId
> 21. Anonymous and guest authorizer

> 22. Deliver directly to consumer from memory by limiting total space to
> in-memory page size (ActiveMQ vmCursor)

> 23. vm:// client protocol for same-JDK communication to allow for bypassing
> of the marshal/unmarshal and TCP layers
We have that on the core protocol, not an issue.

> 24. Exclusive Consumer and Exclusive Consumer with Message Groups
> 25. Support for subscribing to advisory/event messages (ActiveMQ, IBM MQ,
> others)
> 26. Duplex support for cluster-connections (ARTEMIS-838, ActiveMQ)
> 27. Support multiple journal-directory data stores (ARTEMIS-839 ActiveMQ,
> Tibco EMS)
> 28. Plugin API for message selector store for Virtual Topic
> selectorAware="true"
> Wishlist features:
> 29. Plugin API for messageId repository for duplicate checking. The ability
> to have a cache (jcache prolly, right?): Infinispan, Hazelcast or other to
> support large and externally managed messageId caches for dup handling
> between brokers
> 30. AMQP 0.9 support (RabbitMQ)


> 31. Fanout client producer uri (ActiveMQ)

> 32. Round-robin client producer uri

We have that I think.

Clebert Suconic

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