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From Matt Pavlovich <>
Subject Re: how to probe broker's openwire port from an F5 VIP?
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2016 20:49:18 GMT
In my experience, many organizations that put messaging brokers behind 
load a balancer eventually take out the load balancer. Generally, less 
layers is better, and as Tim noted messaging protocols tend to be 
stateful vs stateless and the client -> server uri's already support 
failover and retry.

If you want to have a client -> server uri registry, look at the http 
discovery protocol. You can point your clients to a web page, pass in a 
parameter and get a uri back-- much simpler to manage vs load balancer 

On 9/20/16 12:32 PM, Adam Whitney wrote:
> Tim,
> Thanks for the quick response.
> Regarding setting up and starting a full ActiveMQConnection:
> 1) No problem on the links, I appreciate the details. I was hoping to have
> something a little more lightweight than actually creating a connection and
> then closing it ... seems lie creating a new connection every second would
> put undo burden on the broker just to probe if the broker is listening on
> that port? Is there some other "trick" in openwire to make the probe more
> lightweight while still avoiding the error in the broker logs, e.g. just
> send something like a WIREFORMAT_INFO request?
> Regarding clients reconnecting after broker failover:
> 2) The F5 would only be used to route the initial connection request ...
> after that, my understanding is that as long as clients use the "failover"
> protocol when connecting to the VIP, e.g. something like
> "failover:(tcp://activemq-vip:61616)", and the broker-side transport
> connector has "updateClusterClients" and "rebalanceClusterClients" set to
> true, then the broker and client would exchange info about the network
> topology and clients would reconnect directly to active brokers should the
> initial connection fail.
> adam
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