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From LeiYe <>
Subject Re: A consumer has same clientid with broker
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2016 02:28:24 GMT
Hi Tim:
  Maybe my description make some confusion.
  I say no other processes means there is only the broker running on the
  I describe my situation more clearly:
  1. I start a broker on a server.
  2. I start several producers and consumers on other servers, and publish,
consume one queue on the broker.
  3. When the queue has many messages unconsumed(for the consumer can't keep
up with publisher), I see a consumer which has the same clientId with the
broker.  For example, by default, when start a broker, we can get it's id
from the web or from the console. The id is formated like this,
hostname-xxxxx-milliseconds at start- x:x.  The client I saw has the same
string "hostname-xxxxx-milliseconds at start-", and different "x:x".
  4. When the number of uncosumed message in queue decreased, the consumer
  I know that starting a consumer or producer without setting clientid will
formate it's clientId like  i mentioned before. But in my situation, the
consumer's clientId has same milliseconds string with broker. This
milliseconds indicate the time when the broker start up.
  So,  I guess these consumer are started by the broker itself. But I don't
know what trigger this and where the messages consumed by it will write to.

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