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From Martin Herrman <>
Subject Re: Messages piling up in FailoverTranport
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2016 15:44:19 GMT
Hi Patrik,

My approach would be to gather more information about the memory usage. A method is to enable
JMX and use VisualVM to create the graphs. These links might help:



Van: pdudits <>
Verzonden: donderdag 4 augustus 2016 16:33
Onderwerp: Messages piling up in FailoverTranport


I'm facing a situation where client go OutOfMemory due to ever growing
transaction log in
FailoverTransport.stateTracker.connectionStates[one specific

The majority of recorded transactions contain three commands:
1. TransactionInfo BEGIN
2. The message the client sent as a response to a temp queue
3. TransactionInfo END

I upgraded broker to 5.13.4, as the symptomps on the broker corresponded to,
but that only made the error on the broker go away.

The client is an MDB with activemq-ra 5.13.3 running in Payara 4.1.161,
listening on a queue.

My question is what may be causing this behavior? Is it a bug?

The transaction is surely commited as these responses on temp queues are
delivered, so the broker must have received the commit command, it just
looks it didn't get passed back to the connection.
Met vriendelijke groet/Kind regards,

Martin Herrman
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