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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: Stranded - ActiveMQ constantly Crashing
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 15:26:17 GMT
>From the sound of it, no one queue is overloading the broker; rather, you
have lots of queues that each have some messages, and the aggregate load is
the problem.  So don't look for the problem child, and instead focus on
protecting the entire broker.

First, you should enable Producer Flow Control, since its sole purpose is
to prevent the broker from running out of resources due to the receipt of
new messages before they put the whole broker in a bad state.  PFC stops
accepting new messages when a limit you set is reached, and doesn't accept
new ones till existing messages are consumed and resources are freed up.

Next, you should evaluate whether the heap size you're currently using is
large enough to support the load you expect to have.  If you're running out
of memory and your heap is tiny, it might just mean that whoever handed
this configuration to you didn't size it appropriately.  1GB should be able
to handle a pretty decent volume and would probably be big enough for the
setup you've described as long as your messages are a reasonable size, and
certainly 2GB should be plenty of room for most installations, so if you
get that high and are still running out of memory, something else is going
on.  Also, what GC strategy are you using with your JVM?  And how do you
know you're OOMing?

JMX doesn't require an installation, just configure it in your config
file.  Set useJmx="true", like <broker useJmx="true" brokerName="BROKER1">
See for more details.  You should
enable JMX; it's the most useful tool for troubleshooting an ActiveMQ
broker, so everyone should have it enabled (but secured with a username and

On Apr 14, 2016 8:35 AM, "thompsg4416" <> wrote:

Thanks for the reply Jim.

We do have the webconsole enabled and I am looking at the queues page.
These are all fairly active queues - I.E there are currently about 20 queues
with between 20-80 messages in them.

The problem is and what I've read is that the messages are no longer
dequeing. My limited experience and from what I've read, once you're beyond
your out of memory all messages stop dequeuing.    I restarted the service
but it reloaded the previous messages from the datastore.

The only way I've figured out how to get around this is to delete the DB and
log files under the kahadb folder.

I was hoping the activemq.log would give me more information I.E what queue
is overloading the system but it's not.

Unfortunately we do not have JMX installed.  any other ideas?  what can I

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