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From Michele <>
Subject Re: Pooled connection factory does not work
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 10:17:19 GMT
Hi Tim,

sorry, but I'm a bit confused.

My use case is to create a Camel Route that it is capable:

1. Read large number of lines in File (approx. 50000)
2. Split, Process and store every line in AMQ (Simple hash map)
3. Retrieve message from queue and invoke with POST a Rest Service that is
bottleneck (I need to process messages stored in AMQ slowly in order to
don't overload a Rest Service Interface).

<route id="FileReader_Route">
    <from uri="file:incoming?....." />
     <split streaming="true" parallelProcessing="true">
           <tokenize token="\n" />
           <unmarshal ref="IncomingCSVFileDataFormat" />
           <process ref="DataProcessor" />
           <marshal ref="Gson" />
           <to uri="activemq:queue:incomingTickets" />

<route id="ProcessTicket_Route">
uri="activemq:queue:incomingTickets?destination.consumer.prefetchSize=0" />
     <throttle timePeriodMillis="10000" asyncDelayed="true">

I don't understand well how Producer and Consumer work on the broker. My
idea is that Producer pust message in Queue and Consumer pop message from
queue to dispatch. Is it right?
So, I configured  a pooled connection factory to handle efficiently
connections, sessions, producers and consumers.
As you can see bt attached picture  pooled-connection.png
, why is there only one consumer that works on Queue?

I hope i was clear.

Thanks a lot again

Kind greetings


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