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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: Recommendation for vendor independent strategy
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 01:38:51 GMT
I'm not aware of a plan to implement JMS 2.0 in ActiveMQ 5.x.  I believe
Artemis implements JMS 2.0, but you'd have to convince your potential
customer to switch to it and it's not a simple drop-in replacement so they
might not be willing to do that just to use your "thingy."

I'm not aware of anyone who's "faked" a JMS 2.0 client JAR, but maybe
someone else is.

On Feb 29, 2016 2:21 PM, "Peter Hansson" <>

> Hi there
> We've developed a "thingy" that integrates with various messaging
> architectures. So far - at the sites where we have deployed - we've had IBM
> MQ, Tibco Message Service and even a Wildlfy installation (HornetQ) at the
> other end. We've developed in Java and used JMS so we use exactly the same
> code against any of these and haven't actually cared to much about these
> messaging architectures at the other end of our software.
> Now we have customer that uses ActiveMQ and this is new to us.
> We have (without it being deliberate) developed against JMS 2.0 because we
> use async send. Frankly we haven't paid attention to this. It just so
> happens that the middleware we've met so far have been JMS 2.0 compliant so
> this has not been an issue.
> So, we are in need of a client jar for ActiveMQ 5.x that supports JMS
> 2.0.  Is such a thing available?  If so from where? I've been looking at
> some JIRA tickets but I've failed to figure out the exact status of JMS2.0
> together with ActiveMQ, Apollo, Artemis and what have you.  I'm confused.
> I believe the customer in question is running some  fairly recent version
> of ActiveMQ, I believe it was 5.10.x.
> I don't think we have an appetite to rewrite our code just to land this
> customer. The business case is probably not strong enough.
> Perhaps I should emphasize that we're really only concerned with the
> client side of things. The actual messaging infrastructure (I believe you
> guys call them brokers?) is not our headache. As for the JMS 2.0 feature we
> use we couldn't care less if this is something which is faked in the client
> lib or if it's a native feature on the server side.
> Any recommendation on how to proceed ?
> Peter

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