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From Christopher Shannon <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ with KahaDB as persistent store becomes very slow (almost unresponsive) after creating large no (25000+) of Topics
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2016 11:43:23 GMT
The CountStatisticImpl class is basically just a wrapper for an atomic
long.  It's used all over the place (destinations, subscriptions, inside
kahadb, etc) to keep track of various metrics in a non-blocking way.
There's a DestinationStatistics object for each destination and that has
several of those counters in it,  There's an option to disable metrics
tracking but that will only prevent the counters from actually
incrementing, not stop the allocations.  Some of the metrics are required
for parts of the broker and won't honor that flag to disable them (such as
needing message counts in kahadb) but I plan on going back and double
checking all of those metrics at some point soon to make sure everything
that can honor that flag does.  Since you have a lot of destinations you
are seeing a lot of those counters.

If you disable disk syncs then you need to be aware that you are risking
message loss.  Since you are no longer waiting to make sure data is
persisted to the disk before sending the ack to the producer there's a
chance of losing messages if something happens (like a power outage)

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 2:41 PM, Shobhana <> wrote:

> Hi Tim & Christopher,
> I tried with 5.13.2 version but as you suspected, it did not solve my
> problem.
> We don't have any wildcard subscriptions. Most of the Topics have a maximum
> of 8 subscriptions (Ranges between 2 and 8) and a few topics (~25-30 so
> far)
> have more than 8 (this is not fixed, it depends on no of users interested
> in
> these specific topics; the max I have seen is 40).
> Btw, I just realized that I have set a very low value for destination
> inactivity (30 secs) and hence many destinations are getting removed very
> early. Later when there is any message published to the same destination,
> it
> would result in destination getting created again. I will correct this by
> increasing this time out to appropriate values based on each destination
> (varies from 1 hour to 1 day)
> Today after upgrading to 5.13.2 version in my test env, I tried with
> different configurations to see if there is any improvement. In particular,
> I disabled journal disk sync (since many threads were waiting at KahaDB
> level operations) and also disabled metadata update. With these changes,
> the
> contention moved to a different level (KahaDB update index .. see attached
> thread dumps)
> ThreadDump1.txt
> <>
> ThreadDump2.txt
> <>
> I will test again by increasing the index cache size (current value is set
> to the default of 10000) to 100000 and see if it makes any improvement.
> Also histo reports showed a huge number (1393177) of
> instances and 1951637
> instances of java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock$NonfairSync. See
> attached histo for complete report.
> histo.txt <>
> What are these instances?
> Is there any way to avoid them?
> Thanks,
> Shobhana
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