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From Lucas Dias <>
Subject Re: Queue hanging with n to n network of brokers
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 17:20:37 GMT
I've removed the failover and used only tcp, as in:
static:tcp://myip.sample:61616. I see the same problem.

I've tried also to follow the stuck messages session, even before I started
this thread. I've followed the instructions and included the configs from
that post (by setting a networkBridgeFilterFactory and

The problem stills on. 

I've done two tests: 

1) 100.000 messages sent with a random time reconnecting consumer. There's a
load balancer (Elastic Load Balancer) that distributes traffic on port
61616. Every 10 seconds there's a chance of reconnection of 50% for that

2) 100.000 messages sent with a persistent consumer. The consumer stays
connected. I also use the same Load Balancer and setup from test 1.

Both show the same symptons. I've used only one consumer and on a few
occasions I've used more than one, but less than the number of broker
instances, in order to ensure the network would forward the messages. 

Test 1 on performs better, mainly because it varies from broker to broker
and eventually consumes the messages.

The curious is I see above 20 consumers from the bridge, but they don't
forward the messages and their Enqueues/Dequeues/Dispatched counters do not

>From what I see I would still be able to read from the message properties
it's TTL but I see messages of no TTL get locked.

About the plugin: it is indeed used. When an instance shuts down, AWS
Opsworks triggers a chef recipe that changes the activemq.xml file on the
remaining instances. The code removes the broker that shuts down. By reading
the logs and comparing such logs with the source code (From the latest
branch) I see the plugin works.

I've also tried the latest version of AMQ from the master branch. It
presents the same behavior.

Perhaps I am not using AMQ Networks of brokers the way it should be used.

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