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From "yang.yang.zz" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ duplex network connector dead lock [5.13.1, 5.11.1]
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 13:23:37 GMT
Hi Tim

The main reason we put a broker on the producer is we want to leverage the
broker's TempStore feature. Which is if the Consumer is offline, all the
producer's broker can temporarily hold the produced data, and once the
consumer is back online, it will catch up.

This is the design since we used ActiveMQ 5.5.1. If the client can do the
TempStore same as the broker, then we may consider to make a change.

So then, is there a way to make the client to do this?



You have to do what you described, and attempt to connect to all the client
brokers from the hub, which means you have to list them all out up front
and then live with the log messages when the hub can't connect to a spoke
broker because the spoke is offline.  That's the more-complicated
configuration I was referencing.

With that being said, I haven't heard you describe why you're using the
client brokers rather than having each producer connect directly to the hub
broker, which would eliminate the whole problem.  Do you actually need your
producer (spoke) brokers?

Thanks for the response Tim!

I would not mind to go with more complicated config as long as it works.
Just my experience on AMQ config is very basic. I've seen some examples of
using two non-duplex network connectors for 1-to-1 brokers. But I didn't
find out similar examples for 1-to-many brokers. (It's 1 consumer broker and
many producer brokers in our case)

For producers, it is easy. They just need to create a network connector with
the consumer broker hostname. But how to config the consumer? Do I have to
hard-code list of consumer hostnames into the consumer broker config? Since
in our case, the producers can come and go, so it would be very unideal to
update consumers' broker config when there's a change on the producers. Is
there a better way to do it? If so can you give a simple example?

Thanks and regards,

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