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From Raffi <>
Subject How to monitor cluster updates from the client
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 04:19:02 GMT
I'm testing JMS applications in a NoB cluster to validate client are
receiving updates as brokers join/leave the cluster; our openwire connector


The client connection URL is below; this is just a virtual IP that proxies
to a router and finds the nearest broker (all of this works fine, no issues)


I've implemented a simple JMS producer that sends a message every 5s;
between each send, I print information from the connected broker and its
peer brokers:

        private void printBrokerPeers() throws JMSException {
                BrokerInfo connectedBroker = connection.getBrokerInfo();
                BrokerInfo[] brokers = connectedBroker.getPeerBrokerInfos();
                log("Broker peer list...");
                for(BrokerInfo bi : brokers){
                    log("\t" + bi.getBrokerName());

On startup, the client prints the list of peer brokers, and the list is 100%
consistent with active "masters" in the cluster, but if I kill an active
broker in the list (not the client's connected broker), the list remains
unchanged; it continues to show the broker I stopped. If I start a broker
that was never in the list upon client startup, it never shows up in the
clients broker list.

Is the above code wrong for viewing client-side broker/cluster updates? I
just want to see the list of brokers as it changes from the clients

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