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From artnaseef <>
Subject RE: Daily Message Count - HELP
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 15:22:37 GMT
Clarifying Virtual Topics...

When using Virtual Topics, there are both Topics and Queues involved.  The
Topic name starts with "VirtualTopic." (this can be changed via
configuration).  The Queue names start with "Consumer."

The easiest way to visualize Virtual Topics is to think of an interceptor
within each broker that detects messages published to a Virtual Topic.  When
this interceptor sees such a message, it locates all queues tied to that
Virtual Topic (via name matching), and copies the message to each of those

After that point, the message to the Topic, and the copies to the queues
continue to process normally as Topic and Queue messages.

With that said, the problem described above of messages being stored in a
queue with no consumers -- that's a significant anti-pattern for ActiveMQ. 
ActiveMQ has no idea what to do with the messages placed in that "Delivered"
queue - the application *must* consume them.  Please make sure ActiveMQ is
*not* used as a message store.  ActiveMQ is a great message queueing
service, but a terrible message store.

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