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From Lucas Dias <>
Subject Queue hanging with n to n network of brokers
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 12:00:17 GMT

I would like to discuss the following scenario:

I have a 4 broker network, each one connects to the other.

All the connections are static, I use the runtineConfiguration plugin to
poll the file for broker addition and removal. The activemq.xml can be
changed by chef dynamically.

When I start the broker everything works perfectly, the network forwards
messages to the ones that have a consumer. However, when I have less
consumers than brokers, 2, for instance for a particular queue, after an
instance is removed, the queues that have no consumers hang and do not
forward messages to the ones containing consumers.

I've tried everything: Filling the activemq with an empty networkConnectors
session to drop all connections (Which was succesfully done) but no progress
was made. After the new network connectors start the messages in the brokers
with no consumers are forwarded very slowly (100 a time, or the consumer
prefetch I am using).

Has anyone ever had a similar issue?

Thank you in advance.

Here are a few useful data:

Broker plugin refresh:

			<runtimeConfigurationPlugin checkPeriod="1000" />

Network connector configuration (I am using opsworks and chef, so instance
runs in a foreach):

<networkConnector name=&quot;&lt;%= instance['private_ip'] %>_<%=
node['opsworks']['instance']['private_ip'] %>" dynamicOnly="true"
prefetchSize="1" networkTTL="10" duplex="true"
uri="static:(failover:tcp://<%= instance['private_ip']
                  <queue physicalName=">"/>

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