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From tybreizh29 <>
Subject Re: failover and cannot access queue
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 08:27:20 GMT
Hi Tim
I seems to work better but now I've got message reading issues with my Java app.
I'll fix my readers before testing further the AMQ.

Le 28/01/2016 15:17, Tim Bain [via ActiveMQ] a écrit :
No, I meant that I think the amidala broker shouldn't have a
networkConnector to amidala, and same for the other three.

You can't consume messages that have been forwarded to a second broker from
clients on a third broker because the default networkTTL for
networkConnectors is only 1.  Increase it to allow additional forwards.
See also the Stuck Messages section of  In fact, read the
whole thing, if you haven't already.

When you say you don't see any messages on msf01 or msf02, did you have
consumers there when the messages were published?  If not, why do you
expect to see messages there?

On Jan 28, 2016 7:20 AM, "tybreizh29" <[hidden email]</user/SendEmail.jtp?type=node&node=4706590&i=0>>

> Hi Tim
> yes i'm having the same config (except the broker name change).
> when you say not not send to itself you mean for example system write :
>                <dynamicallyIncludedDestinations>
>                         <topic physicalName="outgoing.System2" />
>                         <topic physicalName="outgoing.System3" />
>                         <topic physicalName="outgoing.System4" />
>                 </dynamicallyIncludedDestinations>
> Regarding what happened:
> I've posted some message to cluster1, i saw some of those messages on
> amidala, some have been dequeued from cluster1. i did not see any message
> arriving on msf01 or msf02.
> I'm unable to dequeue the messages on amidala from any other server, they
> remain there.
> marc
> Le 28/01/2016 06:28, Tim Bain [via ActiveMQ] a écrit :
> Are you using this config file for all four brokers?  It looks like you're
> having each broker connect not only to the other three but also to itself;
> is that true?  If so, I'm not sure what happens if a broker connects to
> itself, but I'd try eliminating that from the configuration and see if it
> changes anything.
> Also, are you getting zero messages forwarded, or some but not all?  And is
> the problem that some messages can't be consumed because there is no
> consumer on the broker on which they're published, or just that that local
> consumers are taking all the messages so consumers on the other brokers
> never get any?  If you could describe what you expect to happen and what's
> actually happening in more detail (including information like which
> producers and consumers are on which brokers), that may make it faster and
> easier to help you figure out what's going on.
> Tim
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