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From "Basmajian, Raffi" <>
Subject RE: Using topics for publishing broker metrics
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2015 14:28:00 GMT
Hi Tim,

We assumed if the broker was a slave it would be unable to publish to itself. But you're saying
each broker should publish to "failover:(all brokers in cluster)" instead of "tcp://localhost:61616"?

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Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 8:52 AM
To: ActiveMQ Users
Subject: Re: Using topics for publishing broker metrics [ EXTERNAL ]

I wouldn't try to make your own advisory topics; just use normal topics as you've proposed.

Wouldn't it be simpler to publish to a failover URL containing all the brokers rather than
starting an embedded broker whose sole purpose is to publish stats?  It seems like your proposed
approach adds unnecessary complexity.

On Dec 16, 2015 3:59 PM, "Raffi" <> wrote:

> Wanted to run this by the community for some advice.
> We have 20 brokers in total (10 master/slave pairs). Operational 
> tooling is an issue, we need something simple to address short term 
> needs. So our goal is to create a web page showing unified operational 
> view for the entire cluster. Simple metrics for each broker 
> (master/slave role, process load, memory, connections, store/temp 
> usage), is all we need for now. Each broker
> Our first thought was to create a JMX spring service configured to run 
> inside the broker. The service opens a local JMX connection, polls the 
> desired metrics, and publishes to "topic/metrics" on the local broker 
> as a simple json payload. The problem with this approach is it doesn't 
> work when the broker is a slave.
> An alternative option is along the same lines, a JMX service running 
> inside the broker, but the difference is that, on startup, the 
> services creates an embedded broker with single network connector 
> configured to talk to all other brokers in the cluster. Now, 
> regardless of the broker's role, "topic/metrics" is always a valid 
> topic for publishing and consuming metrics info for the entire 
> cluster.
> Another option is using advisory messages for carrying metrics info, 
> although we're not sure if flooding this channel with such data will 
> negatively impact openwire clients receiving cluster updates with no 
> interest in metrics.
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