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From "Martin C." <>
Subject Messages stuck in queue which are not expired
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 15:45:39 GMT

We've ran into some problems since we updated to Activemq 5.12.1. Our
most busy queue has stuck messages which also do NOT expire.
The queue has around 200 producers (each producer has it's own message
group, making sure messages of a producer do not overtake each other)
which send non-persistent messages with a timeout of 40 seconds. They
produce around 20-30 msgs / second. 5 cached consumers exist.

Our problem is that all 5 consumers are consuming messages but some of
those messages are apparently not delivered. They get stuck in the
queue and stay there. They do not expire.
The only solution to "clear" the queue is to use a QueueBrowser and
inspect it. Once I connect with the QueueBrowser, all messages are
apparently moved to expiration. After that the processing works for a
couple of minutes until the messages start clogging up again.

The consumers do not use any form of selector other than the JMS
message group. The operation on the server side is very lightweight
and the load on the server is low so i do not think that it's the
fault of the server for not processing the messages fast enough (and
they should at least time out after their expiration deadline is
The problem scales apparently with the amount of the producers /
produced messages. Systems with ~100 producers have much fewer stuck

All our other queues use message groups as well but work as intended.
A maybe noticable difference is that the messages that get stuck are
non-persistent and have a TTL. We have some high-throughput queues
with non-expiring, non-persistent messages, which do not show those

Good ideas on what could be the issues are very welcome! Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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