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From dabayev <>
Subject Re: Issue with MessageConsumer and MessageSelector
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 14:22:05 GMT

I am currently playing in my dev environment. I have one consumer which is
event driven implementing MessageListener. This consumer is a client_ack
consumer and during my development I have not yet acked anything to not
remove the messages. My Listener does not at this point, just shows that it
received a message and does not remove it.

My current queue size is about 900 messages for testing purposes. 

My utility tool does not implement MessageListener, it just creates a
connection and tries to consume a message based on JMS ID. It then will copy
the message content to a new message and queue it. The old message is then
acked and removed from the queue. 

Between my message listener and my utility the queue size does not change. I
did not have this problem when queue size I tested with was smaller. After
reading on this subject I set the <policyEntry queue=">" maxPageSize="5000"
maxBrowsePageSize="5000"/> and this helped with my message listener.

I hope this describes my setup better. I have read everything about round
robin and tried different preFetch configs. Please let me know if I am not
clear on something.

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