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From frankie_hr <>
Subject Re: Selective consuming of priority messages with message groups
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 14:47:02 GMT
Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for the reply and the suggestions. Please find some of my
comments inline.


Tim Bain wrote
> First, shouldn't you be expecting thread 2 to consume message 1?
> [Frankie] The thread numbers were symbolic only. In real life the numbers
> would be something like Thread #11 and Thread #19. What I meant was that
> whichever thread is consuming from the second route will consume the
> messages 1 and 3.
> Second, I'm guessing you're defining the routes in an XML file, in which
> case don't you need to encode "<" as "&lt;" and ">" as "&gt;"?
> [Frankie] The routes are defined through the Java code, by using "<" and
> ">" instead of "&lt;" and "&gt;"
> Third, use a JMX viewer such as JConsole to look at the subscriptions on
> that queue.  Find the subscription that isn't working (#1) and see whether
> it's present and whether its selector looks correct.  See whether any
> messages have been dispatched to it.
> [Frankie] Will try that.
> Fourth, use the web console to browse the queue.  Look at the message that
> isn't getting consumed and see if the headers look correct.
> [Frankie] Checked the web console for the local AMQ broker and the message
> remained sitting on the queue. Will re-check how the headers are looking,
> even though not sure why it wouldn't work because it's explicitly set in a
> same way as it is for low priority messages.
> Tim

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