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From "marco.antonelli" <>
Subject Kahadb - is it safe not to separate .log and .redo files from .data in case of no space left on device?
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 10:03:39 GMT

we have been using ActiveMQ in a application which uses JTA/XA transactions
to write bulks of messages both on db and on queue. We use standard java (no
java ee)+Atomikos to do this.
It happend a couple of times that the disk got full, and in that cases some
JTA/XA transactions broke: we found messages commited on db but not on the
queue. The first fix I wanted to do is to move the transaction logs of all
parties involved to a "safe" partition (at least one that does not fill up
easly), so I moved Atomikos log files of the application to a folder in a
different partition.
I would like to do the same with kahadb log files, but from my research in
its docs, there is no way to separate .data file from .log and .redo. So my
question is: is it safe in terms of atomicity and consistency of
transactions to have log and redo files in a partition that may fill all the
available space? what would happens in ActiveMQ perspective in that cases?

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