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From jahlborn <>
Subject Re: Message browsing hanging
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 14:52:24 GMT
For more context, the ActiveMQQueueBrowser is obviously hanging out if
hasMoreElements(), which is then calling into waitForMessage().  This method
keeps sending a pull command to the consumer.  This will result in a
MessagePull command sent asynchronously.  where will that go?  how can i
determine what might be going wrong on the receiver end?  Any pointers would
be great.

jahlborn wrote
> So, we've had issues on and off where it seems like message browsing
> hangs.  I've managed to reproduce the scenario in my dev setup, but i'm
> not sure how to get to the bottom of the problem.  I'm using activemq
> 5.9.1.  I have a network with two (embedded) brokers.  i have a queue
> which has 8 messages on one broker and 2 messages on the other broker.  i
> can browse the 8 messages just fine.  when i try to browse the 2 message
> (using the Enumeration), i get the 2 messages and then the
> Enumeration.hasMoreElements() call hangs (doesn't return false).   (note,
> the first message of the two has a redelivery count of 1).  While i'm
> testing this, there are no other consumers of the queue.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to what state inside activemq i should
> investigate in order to determine why the browser is not correctly
> determining that it has found all the messages?
> thanks,
> -james

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