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From Jose MarĂ­a Zaragoza <>
Subject Basic question in AMQ 5.9
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 12:59:03 GMT

We're using AMQ 5.9 and we've got a basic question about different subjects
I know they are a lot of question but I hope these can be useful as a AMQ FAQ


A broker has producer control flow *enabled* but a producer doesn't (
for example, an asynchronous producer )  If resource limits are
reached on broker , does the broker block the connection ?


A broker has producer control flow *disabled*  and it uses
MemoryAdapter for persistent messages
( ie, persistent = false )

Is used at any time  temporary files ?
If  memory resource limits are reached on broker, what happens with
new persistent messages sent by a producer ? are they paged to
temporary files ?

Q3: I'm trying to understand 'message expiry check'
According documentation , AMQ pages messages into memory ( from
secondary store, i guess ) every 30 seconds regardless if they're
ready to be dispatched (by default)
What happens if the message cannot be sent by dispatch queue ? is it
removed from memory  ? when ?

If a consumer sets jms.messagePrioritySupported=true
Why is recommended to  lower the prefetch to 1? I think that it would
be better to retrieve as message as possible to be able to priorize
them , right ?


Is ActiveMQ Message Priorities only enabled for JDBC / KahaDB store
adapter or is it possible to enable it in MemoryAdapter store ?

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