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From artnaseef <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ not able to handle message load
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:12:26 GMT
There is no set messaging rates, and ActiveMQ doesn't lose messages in the
normal case, so something else must be wrong.

It's not entirely clear, but it sounds like your clients are disconnecting
from the broker and reconnecting frequently.  Is that true?  If so, that's
an anti-pattern that will lead to problems.  JMS is designed for long-lived
connections, unlike REST and SOAP.  Short lived connections lead to
significant extra load on the broker, which is greatly compounded in a
network of brokers.

In the initial problem description, it also sounded like clients lose the
connection to the broker and fail to send messages when that happens.  Are
clients using the failover transport?  The failover transport will eliminate
problems created by lost connections to the broker.  One caveat - make sure
to have logging enabled because clients won't really know when they are
connected or not, which can lead to confusion.  The logging makes it clear
when the client is connected or disconnected.

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