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From <>
Subject RE: Transports available for networkConnectors
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 13:50:26 GMT
Ill keep you posted as to how the duplex works with ssl...



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From: [] On Behalf Of Tim Bain
Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 9:45 AM
To: ActiveMQ Users
Subject: Transports available for networkConnectors

Can someone provide a list of which transports are allowed in broker-to-broker networkConnectors
and which are not?

Obviously tcp works.  Barry Barnett's recent thread made it clear that ssl works (though maybe
not for duplex connections), which was news to me. says that http and multicast both work,
and that "ActiveMQ also supports other transports than tcp", which isn't very useful.  Previous
posts to this mailing list made it clear that stomp doesn't work.  What's missing (other than
the "wrapper"
transports such as static, failover, etc.), and are they supported?  Does the new auto transport
( work there?

I can update the documentation to capture this information if someone can provide it.

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