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From Jako <>
Subject Re: Hub and spoke network topology
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 17:16:12 GMT
Hi Tim,
  thank you for your replay and your very thoughtful questions.

>But are you sure you need to? Are you sure this isn't a premature [...]

I think so. The central broker is on our server farm and it is very
resourceful machine; anyway it often uses a lot of cpu. The broker uses
thousands of threads.
Beside this, the external brokers are on cheap hardware and I think the
advisory messages about hundreds queues are too much. 
In any case those information doesn't really belong there; those computers
are not fully trusted.
And sometimes the network don't behave very well: some messages are lost.

I'm not sure the issue of the lost messages arises from the ActiveMQ
network, but I want to clean up things and have a more appropriate

Yesterday I tried a lot of combinations with some success. 
But I really didn't land to a final and satisfactory configuration.

The best I could hope for is a sort of 'default gateway', making an analogy
to the ip protocol.

I tried to emulate that using a staticallyIncludedDestinations(">") queue
and using decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority(true). But this had side effects.
And many others configurations...

I wonder one thing, among others: the network-connector of the external
brokers are in full-duplex mode and I'm able to setup many parameters:
consumerTTL, staticallyIncludedDestinations, staticBridge.
But, I can't do it in the reverse direction. 
In other words, to have the same options I think I should make the
network-connector from the H central broker to the external brokers. It
would be nice to able to specify in the H center broker that it had to
prefer local consumer (I did it with decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority) but I
don't know how to set that in the central broker.

Maybe I'm rambling a bit, because I tried a lot of different configurations,
avoiding the static routing; I couldn't use it because it's not possible to
know in advance the network structure.

Thank you again


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