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From will1 <>
Subject Slow MySQL datastore performance.
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 13:16:26 GMT

We are currently experiencing database performance issues with an activeMQ
JDBC datastore. 
The key components involved are as follows:
	- ActiveMQ 5.10
	- MySQL 5.6.20 

In terms of activeMQ, for resilience we have a simple master/slave setup
with a load balancer directing traffic at the current master which in turn
has the current lock on the shared non high performance journal database.

DB performance issues happen in 2 key areas:
	1. Number of DB transactions issued by activeMQ appear to be relatively
high. For example in our test: 

		a. A backlog of messages contained roughly 1000 messages. We had 10
offline subscribers. When the subscribers were brought back online and the
messages were delivered we had an update for each message and subscription
combination ie 10,000 updates being issued. Obviously scaling this to 100
users results in 100,000 updates etc. 
This behaviour, combined with the multitude of other transactions such as
when a message is written to the broker all offline subscriptions are
updated in the activeMQ_acks table eg for 100 offline subscriptions, 100
update statements are issued every time a message is received, results is a
very high number of transactions being issued to the DB. 

	2. In turn the DB especially the replication aspect of this is struggling
to keep up.

So initially 2 questions:

	1. Is there any configuration to reduce or tune the number of transactions
issued to the DB.
	2. Would a different datastore strategy provide better performance in terms
of persistence eg
		a. High performance journaled JDBC (MySQL) (would just need a solution to
replicate the journal)
		b. File based datastore eg replicated level DB store with zookper.

Inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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