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From thundersmurf <>
Subject NMS, default AMQ settings, connection not re-established after AMQ process stop/start
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 04:03:35 GMT
Wee bit o' background: I've been a java guy for a long (long) time but due to
(family) circumstance took a role with a new company on the MS wagon.  Good
experience either way. :)

I'm having difficulties with a client re-connection with the default AMQ
connection values as stated at

- AMQ server is up. Webapp fires up and everything is good (I can send a
test message)
- I take the AMQ server down.  Webapp (with info from the Apache.NMS.ITrace
adapter) says there's a problem.  Houston we have a problem (as expected).
- I bring the AMQ server back up.  A subsequent test message just hangs like
forever.  No good.

I tried a few different things with transport.sendTimeout and
transport.timeout but to no avail.  I'm using failover because that helped
when the app went to 'sleep' (IMO: totally odd, like MS's decision
to thread-switch in

Example URI connection: failover:(tcp://<server

I'm probably missing something small but I'm stuck right now.  Any help is
much appreciated.

asp, .net v4.5
Apache.NMS v1.7.0.3635
Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ v

Server (same situation is occurring on client-site with Windows Server
AMQ v5.10.0

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