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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Re: More ActiveMQ hotspots.. courtesy of continuous profiling :)
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 17:16:17 GMT
Thanks for creating the issues!

> > The problem with my patch set, is that I’m still
> > stuck on 5.10.2.  There’s a bug introduced sometime around 5.11 that only
> > impacts the memory store.  I haven’t been able to track it down yet so I
> > can’t retarget my patches to head.
> Can you provide more details?  We're using the memory store in 5.10.0, so
> we'd like to know what might bite us if we upgrade.
Advisories break when using the memory store. A warning that a null pointer
exception was caught goes to the log but the advisories aren’t raised.

I tried to git bisect it but wasn’t able to duplicate it easily. I think
because of some git idiosyncrasy prevented me from finding the commit that

> It wouldn't; concurrent collections only protect you from corrupting the
> collection itself due to concurrent modifications; they don't protect you
> from synchronization issues between multiple collections like you'd have
> here (since you'll want to always have an element in neither collection or
> in both, but without explicit locking you could have it in one but not the
> other) and they don't protect you from synchronization issues where you
> observe the current state of the collection and act upon it (where it might
> have changed between your observation and your action).
I had thought about that.  I assumed that the multi map was implemented as
two concurrent maps.  If each operation is concurrent and atomic then I’m
fine with that solution.

I think all we need is that the method() is atomic, not the underlying
data.  Maybe I’m wrong though.  Perhaps there’s a race where we can try to
remove something while it’s being added?

> I've generally found that concurrent collections hurt more than they help,
> mainly because developers assume they're magically safe in multithreaded
> applications when they're not.  Guess maybe I should just switch to Scala
> so I don't have to worry about any of that...
Perhaps.. but a lot of these things are called out in the documentation.



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