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From Peter Hicks <>
Subject Re: Network bridge throughput capped at default Socket buffer size
Date Wed, 20 May 2015 20:02:26 GMT

On 19/05/15 11:49, Leung Wang Hei wrote:
> There seems to be an invisible barrier in the socket buffer for MQ network
> bridge.  We expect increasing tcp socket buffer size would give high
> throughput but the outcome is not.  Here are the test details:
> - 2 brokers(A, B) bridged together over WLAN with 140ms network latency.
> - One single duplex network connector is setup at broker B, statically
> includes one topic
> - 10 producers each sending 10K message.  All are AMQObjectMessage.
> - Socket buffer size set as url argument in network connector at broker B
> and transport connector at broker A
> - Use wireshark to capture link traffic
> Wireshark capture shows that throughput always capped at around
> 3.74Mbit/sec, the max throughput as with default 64K socket buffer. Attached
> the config details.
> I don't expect a bug in MQ, am I missing something?  Any advice would be
> greatly appreciated.
It't not a bug in ActiveMQ, it's the result of the Bandwidth/Delay 
Product - take the bandwidth of your link in megabits/sec and divide it 
by the round trip time in milliseconds.

See for more details - you need 
to increase the TCP window size at both broker A and broker B to 
something larger so you can have more data "on the wire".


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