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From djsfive <>
Subject CamelRoutesBroker plugin won't shut down routes on reload
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 20:44:14 GMT
AMQ version 5.11 on RHLinux version 6.6.  I am running in a test environment,
and there are no other users on my system.

I am using the Camel Routes Broker plugin in my AMQ broker in order to route
messages between topics:

        <plugins> <camelroutesBrokerPlugin routesFile="routes.xml" />

I have a separate routes.xml file which loads up my route just fine:

    <routes xmlns="" >
        <description> Example route </description>
        <from uri="activemq:topic:topic.A"/>
          <simple>${header.JMSType} == 1111</simple>
          <to uri="activemq:topic:topic.B"/>

And it works .  I can see from the jConsole that my route gets loaded up as
"route1", and the message gets forwarded in AMQ.  

The problem occurs when I update routes.xml to have a "to uri" of topic.C,
camel still has "route1" running, and I can verify that there are 2
consumers on topicA.  jConsole reports that both route1 and route2 are
actively running in Camel.  

I expected the old routes to all be removed, and the new definitions added
in.  I have looked at the code, and it seems to be
stopping and removing the old route definition, but my runtime says

Any idea what may be wrong?  I don't see any configuration parms that would
affect this behavior.


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