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From Tim Bain <>
Subject RE: PolicyEntry parse order and constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy and message counts
Date Sat, 07 Mar 2015 15:35:02 GMT
So it sounds like there's a bug in the web console's pending message count;
can you submit a bug in JIRA?  Also look at whether the same bug exists in
the equivalent property in JMX and describe what you find in the bug

Add a (separate) enhancement request in JIRA for being able to see store
usage stats at a per-destination level in JMX, and another for exposing the
number of messages discarded because of the pending message limit.

I wasn't clear about how you were defining the PendingLimitCount and
PendingLimitTime attributes you were proposing; can you explain them?
On Mar 6, 2015 3:06 PM, "Matthew Patton" <> wrote:

> > If the stat is right, you'd see the # bytes used in the store climbing as
> > well.  (That stat is available in JMX, but I'm not sure it's on the web
> > console.)
> Except I've got a couple dozen queues and they all end up writing to disk
> (overflowing in-memory limits). So aggregate disk (or store) usage is
> useless to differentiate behavior. In one particular mostly controlled
> setting I can see that as messages continue to come in the Store percent
> used has stopped climbing after the queues hit their PendingLimit. So maybe
> it's working as intended?
> I'm looking at the MBean Attributes for the queue and nothing indicates
> disk/store usage. I've got metrics for Dequeue, Dispatch, Enqueue,
> QueueSize, Memory Usage (again not useful), and Cursor usage among others.
> When messages roll off, does it show up in 'ExpiredCount'? That's the only
> one that even vaguely fits. And to answer my question, nope, it doesn't
> move an iota. It probably only increments when one sets a time-based expiry
> setting.
> Shouldn't I also be able to tell how many (or portion) of all enqueued
> messages are sitting in memory vs the backing store? I'm using the Storage
> cursor as opposed to VM or File. My MemoryPercentUsed and
> CursorPercentUsage both top out at 70 which is the default.
> It seems to me there are some glaring oversights to the MBeans attributes.
> We need a PendingLimitCount, PendingLimitTime, DiscardCount (or
> PendingLimitExceededCount) or just use the ExpiredCount for both time-based
> and count-based limits. And too a 'StorageUsageCount' which reflects the
> number of messages that have been spooled out to disk in excess of
> in-memory footprint or if counting messages is too much work, at least the
> Bytes consumed on disk.

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