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From Justin Reock <>
Subject Re: Commercial Support Page
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2015 13:51:22 GMT
Hi Hadrian,

Thanks for taking the time to do this, it looks perfect!


On 1/28/15, 7:52 AM, "Hadrian Zbarcea" <> wrote:

>Hello Justin,
>Sorry for the late reply. I updated the wiki [1] with the text you
>provided. I did not change the link, it still points to
>The ASF does not (and cannot) endorse any commercial offering, but we
>are providing information that may be helpful to our community of users.
>I took the liberty to remove 3 words, for brevity, it doesn't change the
>message. The main site should get refreshed in 24 hours or so.
>Please review and let us know if you have any questions.
>On 01/26/2015 03:01 PM, Justin Reock wrote:
>> Hi Hadrian,
>> Thanks for your help with this!  Here¹s the language we¹d like to see:
>> ³Rogue Wave / OpenLogic has a dedicated team of OSS experts offering
>> round-the-clock Production Support with competitive SLAs for
>> troubleshooting ActiveMQ issues and outages.  For a deeper dive, Rogue
>> Wave offers a comprehensive week-long instructor-led training program
>> developers and admins.  Rogue Wave OpenLogic also provides Architecture
>> and Design Consulting, and a Developer Support contract to assist in the
>> development of messaging applications within your organization.²
>> Just for a little clarification there, Rogue Wave purchased OpenLogic in
>> Q3 2013, but, our OSS Support team still works as OpenLogic.  So, to
>> with the format of the rest of the site, you can use the ³Rogue Wave /
>> OpenLogic² text at the beginning as the mask text for the
>> ³www.openlogic.com² website.  The Website link should stay the same as
>> is currently.
>> Let me know if you need any changes there, and again I really appreciate
>> the assistance.
>> Thanks,
>> Justin
>> On 1/26/15, 12:28 PM, "Hadrian Zbarcea" <> wrote:
>>> Hi Justin,
>>> Yes, this is a good forum for discussing this. Can you please post the
>>> text you're proposing?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Hadrian
>>> On 01/26/2015 10:01 AM, Justin Reock wrote:
>>>> Hi ActiveMQ community,
>>>> I'm wondering who I would need to get in touch with to improve the
>>>> verbiage on ActiveMQ's Commercial Support page
>>>> ( for OpenLogic.  Over the
>>>> year, we have ramped up our Commercial Support for ActiveMQ, having
>>>> delivered our in-house training to several companies, as well as
>>>> contributing a couple hundred hours of Consulting on the project for
>>>> various enterprises.  This is all aside from the Professional 24x7 SLA
>>>> support we offer, and our Developer Support options.  Of the many
>>>> projects that OpenLogic provides support for, ActiveMQ is consistently
>>>> within the top 10 in terms of overall support tickets processed.
>>>> Currently, the wording on the support page reads just "OpenLogic
>>>> provides support."  We are hoping to extend this to let users know
>>>> what kind of packages we offer, I.e. Professional Contracting, On-Site
>>>> Training, and 24x7 Professional and Developer support.
>>>> Please let me know whom I can contact to improve our representation on
>>>> that page.  I spoke with the Apache webmaster, Mike Drob, and he
>>>> directed me here to the User List.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Justin Reock
>>>> Open Source Solutions Architect
>>>>|<|> email
>>>> 866-399-6736 | toll free
>>>> OpenLogic, a Rogue Wave Company
>>>> Accelerating Great Code

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