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From Petter Nordlander <>
Subject Re: How to limit queue depth by #msgs
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 08:38:04 GMT
Yes, that¹s my intent. Keeping bad behaving producers/consumers from
affecting time critical messages/queues.

The memory limit per queue is really only applicable when vm-cursor is
used. If a store cursor is used (which is almost the only option on high
volume, low memory systems), then data is swapped to disk. And you cannot
really constraint a queue from using x MB/GB of store space. The
storeUsageHighWatermark only consider global store usage at a single point.

Calculating the actual store usage (on disk) for a certain queue is likely
very hard, since you need to take into account messages blocking kahaDB
transaction log files containing mostly consumed messages. A ²queue depth²
limit would be an easy and store/cursor/persistent independent way to
limit a producer to fill up the broker. It¹s also very easy to communicate
this restriction to end users, i.e. ²We will buffer up to 10k messages for
your queue, if you need more, then we need to implement the consumer as a
high available solution to not risk other communication².

BR Petter

Den 2015-01-08 23:28 skrev artnaseef <>:

>That's an interesting requirement.  The memory usage limit is there to
>ensure the broker's resources are not exhausted.
>Is the end intent the same in using a message count?
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