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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: how to safely delete a cms::MessageListener object
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2015 16:18:54 GMT
On 01/15/2015 09:16 PM, artnaseef wrote:
> How about the following instead?  As Tim pointed out, the consumer close
> won't return until no more calls to onMessage are guaranteed.  I believe
> that also means it won't return while onMessage() is actively being called.
> @Tim - can you confirm?

It should be the case that onMessage must always complete prior to 
close() returning, unless you do something silly like call close from 
onMessage.  There are two locks at play here that prevent things from 
going wrong, one on the listener and one on the dispatch queue.  This is 
why it is also safe to just call setMessageListener(null) on the 
consumer as it will also not return until no onMessage calls are in 
progress.  During the time there is no set message listener the messages 
will pile up in the prefetch queue and dispatch would start again once a 
new listener is added.

> If that's correct, the following should do the job effectively:
>      LOCK semaphore
>      IF shutdown started
>      THEN
>         ABORT
>      END IF
>      SET processing active
>      UNLOCK semaphore
>      DO process message
>      LOCK semaphore
>        SET processing NOT active
>      UNLOCK semaphore
>      LOCK semaphore
>        SET shutdown started
>      UNLOCK semaphore
>      DO close consumer
>      SET not done
>      WHILE not done
>        LOCK semaphore
>          IF processing NOT active
>          THEN
>            SET done
>          END IF
>        UNLOCK semaphore
>        IF NOT done
>        THEN
>          DELAY // short sleep; note there are methods to eliminate the sleep
> and use a notification; I don't recall them for C++ right now
>        END IF
>      END WHILE
>      DO delete message listener
> That last part about the delay can be solved with another semaphore as well.
> Also, if the part up to "ABORT" in the listener can be done safely even
> after the listener is deleted, then this works even if the consumer close
> can return while the call to onMessage() is still active.
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