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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 5.10 CPU spikes to 90-100% and stays there after a period of time
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2014 12:41:23 GMT
You can start by using jstack to dump all threads' current stack traces to
give you an idea of what code is being run, though you won't know what data
it's being run against.  If you identify a suspicious block, you could then
start the broker with the debugging port enabled (either uncomment the line
in the start script or pass that variable to the script as a shell
variable), attach a debugger, and set a breakpoint to walk through the code.

A word of warning: breakpoints can cause clients (which can be other
brokers in a network of brokers) to disconnect because they don't receive a
response before the timeout.  So work quickly.  Or if messing up consumers
on a production broker isn't an acceptable risk, then use conditional
breakpoints to insert your own logging into the code.  Most people don't
know it, but in Eclipse the conditional expression block can be used to
execute arbitrary code every time you hit a breakpoint, as long as your
last line returns a boolean.  And the debugger won't stop if you return
false, so you can do:"Value of foo is: " + foo); return
false;   and you'll see the value of foo each time the breakpoint is hit.
(If there isn't a Log4J logger available where you set your breakpoint you
can use System.out.println(), but Log4J is preferred if it's available.)
On Dec 30, 2014 3:54 AM, "ryan segura" <> wrote:

> For reasons that I cannot figure out the ActiveMQ broker will spike its CPU
> to 90-100% and stay there.  I can kill the broker and restart the process
> (consumers will then reconnect) and it works fine again with low CPU
> utilization (0-1%).
> How can I troubleshoot this?  There are hundreds of consumers and thousands
> of topics.  I wish there was some easy way for me to know what consumer or
> topic or queue is hogging all of the CPU.  How do people troubleshoot these
> problems?  As it is right now I feel very blind to this process.
> Any guidance or assistance is appreciated.  Thank you.
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