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From Stephen Pietrowicz <>
Subject when should you set maxInactivityDuration=0?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:43:00 GMT
Some time ago I noticed a dropped connection, and saw an error along the lines of "Channel
was inactive for too long".   I made note of various folks here and elsewhere saying that
the way to prevent this from happening is adding


So now I've got the time to look into this, and after reading further into the documentation,
I'm not sure under which circumstances I should change this parameter at all.   The inactivity
threads are set up in such a way that if no messages come across after the default (30000
ms) time, a message is sent to keep the connection active.   If there's no activity because
of a broken socket, the "Channel was inactive for too long" exception gets issued.

I'm really hesitant to add this to the URL since I've only seen this error once.   It used
to be that sending really long messages would make this exception come up, but that was fixed
several versions ago.    

Under what circumstances would you set this parameter equal to zero?

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