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From windeyu <>
Subject What is duplicate delivery poison ack?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2014 22:33:10 GMT

Over several thousands of messages consumed, occasionally I got the
following WARN in the log.

/[ActiveMQMessageConsumer:1434] (   ) acking duplicate delivery as poison,
redelivery must be pending to another consumer on this connection,
failoverRedeliveryWaitPeriod=0. /

(1) What is duplicate delivery poison ack?  I browsed through related posts. 
Please correct me if I'm wrong.  I think it means the two (maybe more)
consumers send ack to the same message back to the broker.  The last
received ack is considered as a duplicate and as a poison ack.  This can
happen as a result of failover from the first consumer to the second
consumer before the first consumer sends the ack.

(2) This log entry is marked as a WARN not an ERROR.  Is it because the
second consumer processed the message successfully anyway, regardless the
first consumer got a rollback?

(3) Does AMQ-5279 address this issue?  I noticed that the message that got
poison ack was put into DLQ in my case, matching to the description in that

My environment:
I have multiple consumers on multiple machines connecting to an activemq
broker with failover protocol, jms.prefetchPolicy.all=0,
Session.SESSION_TRANSACTED, default slow consumer strategy, and group ID on
every message.  The ActiveMQ version is 5.10.0.  

Thanks in advance.

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