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From mrlem <>
Subject Multicast transport
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2014 09:07:58 GMT

  I've been trying to use ActiveMQ multicast transport for a couple of days,
without success, so I'm posting here in hope someone already achieved this.

  What I'm trying to achieve:

  I'm using topics, in a context where there are a lot of publishers and a
lot of subscribers, with messages being sent all the time. Publishers all
publish almost constantly, so the aim of using multicast would be to avoid
multiplying the network traffic due to the -also important- number of
subscribers. I'm using ActiveMQ 5.9.1

  What I've tried:

  1/ Looking at I thought this
would be easy. I did setup a broker with a URI multicast://,
created a subscriber (that I validated using vm:// and tcp:// urls) on the
same subnet as the broker and set the subscriber to point

    => I get this exception on the subscriber's side:

        [... my classes]

caused by: Caused by:
org.apache.activemq.transport.RequestTimedOutIOException: null

       All my subscriber did at this point was:

        this.connectionFactory = new
        this.connection = this.connectionFactory.createConnection();

  2/ Looking at
gave me a little hope: my issue seemed to be related to some default value
for the keepAliveInterval, so I tried change the multicast URL on subscriber
to multicast://

    => Same exception

  3/ So I tried capturing the outgoing traffic using wireshark, so here is
what I see:

    Subscriber host:
      IGMPv3 message to Membership Report / Join Group
      UDP message to
      IGMPv3 message to Membership Report / Join Group
(don't know why there's a second one)
      2 IGMPv3 Leave Group messages

    Broker host:
      I can see those same IGMPv3 & UDP messages

    => Looks fine to me

  4/ Looking at Peer to
peer section, I thought I had misunderstood the use of multicast, and what I
should have is: one embedded broker on all clients, all embedded brokers
having a multicast:// connector and a vm:// connector,
publishing/subscribing to the local broker on vm://, and brokers should
auto-magically forward messages to one another using multicast. I couldn't
get this to work either (no multicast traffic showed in wireshark).

  5/ I also watched at the sources for UdpTransportFactory#doBind() and was
surprised to see that UdpTransportServer class was deprecated, which led me
to this ticket: stating that
UDP support is deprecated except discovery from 5.8.0 on, if I got it right.

  So, you probably guessed, my question is:

    Did anybody succeed in using multicast transport in 5.9, except for
discovery? What is the current status of multicast transport, is it still
even working? Am I missing the obvious? Any piece of information might help

  Sorry for the somewhat bulky message (thanks if you read it!), and thanks
in advance!


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