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From atomicx6637 <>
Subject Handling Consumers by Server (ActiveMQ & MuleESB)
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2014 23:32:14 GMT
I have the following environment and would like some feedback on the
configuration I currently have.

I have 2 MuleESB (mulep01, mulep02) servers which run applications that
produce and consume messages from my 2 ActiveMQ servers (amqp01, amqp02).

The applications on the 2 mule server use
"failover://(tcp://amqp01:61616,tcp://amqp02:61616)?randomize=false" to
connect to the queues.

I have my 2 ActiveMQ servers setup as a Network of Brokers by adding this to
their respective config files:

		  <networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://amqp02:61616)"/>

		  <networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://amqp01:61616)"/>

I have tested the failover of the ActiveMQ servers and the MuleServers seem
to pick everything  up and will failover to amqp02 when amqp01 is not
available and will fail back to amqp01 once available and amqp02 fails.

My first question is, *is there a way to automatically failback to amqp01
when it becomes available or do you just wait for a restart of the producer
and consumers?*

Second question with a lead in, I'm concerned about my 2 mule servers
pointing at different ActiveMQ servers if they are recycled and one of the
ActiveMQ server is unavailable at the time.  For example: if I cycle mulep01
and the primary server amp01 is not available it will fail over to amp02, if
I think cycle mulep02 and the primary server amp01 is available it will
connect to amp01, now I have 2 mule servers pointing at 2 different ActiveMQ
servers.  I could see this happening during monthly updates to our servers.

I have tested this and it seems to still forward the messages to amp01 from
amp02 even though mulep02 is connected and has consumers on amp02.

So my question is,* is this a concern? how should I be managing this? Do I
need to change my ActiveMQ configuration.*

Any help on this would be great.


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